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I started playing the drums last year and am now looking for anyone who might need a drummer. I can play a few different styles, and I am willing to learn anything I do not already know how to play. I have a flexible schedule, but because I am just starting out, I do not yet have my own drum set. I currently play for a Christian church, so getting samples of what I can play is not a problem. Anyone interested in what I can and will do with the drums is free to contact me anytime as long as this post is up. I'm looking for a monthly lock-out rehearsal space for band rehearsal that's clean, safe, and in good condition. If you offer anything like this, please let me! Looking to start or join a band! Looking for something rock oriented. I have my own projects and do all of the recording, mixing and mastering, as well as, all of the instruments and vocals. I’m very interested in online collaboration, studio to studio. If you’re interested let me know! Here is one of my projects to hear what I’m capable of. I can mess with just about any genre. We are drums, female lead vocals and female backups seeking lead and rhythm guitars, bass and keys. Additional vocals would be ideal. Ages 30s - 40s but age unimportant. Seeking mature, even-tempered, like minded people to play with. We would like to form a lasting, committed project with full sound and vocal parts. We are serious about the project but not serious about ourselves and desire to have fun practicing and playing out! We have demanding jobs thus hope to play out approximately twice a month. Genre will be mixed hard rock and danceable pop with harder edge. Thanks!Guitar Lessons $39 $59 Buyer Beware When considering an instructor to teach you or your kids guitar, take a good look at their ad. Does it capture the passion? Does it give examples of successful students? Does it spend more time on how lessons are organized, styles, learn philosophy or on the student? Or does the ad focus on payment, costs and repeating lessons with no refunds. Does the ad include line after line on what and how you will pay or play? Notice if his or her price is jumping up let's say from $49 to now $59 a session. $59 a lesson is beyond the highest prices in the area. Must be to fund new shiny leather pants or his next guitar. Does the ad contain professional photos of the instructor posing or students learning? When you read through an ad, you should get a good understanding of what this is about and too often it isn't about the student learning. Do you recognize or have you even heard of the instructor? Anybody can put out a CD these days, anybody can have a video made of themselves or photos. Don't let that convince you that a no name player nobody has heard of is somehow famous.Advance Your Music Career with Edgewater Are you ready to take a giant step forward in your music career? Edgewater Music Group, a production company with major label distribution, is seeking talented, determined artists in the Rock, Country, Americana, Singer/Songwriter, Alt-Country, Folk, Southern Rock, Blues, Funk, and Roots Rock genres to partner with to produce truly outstanding records and advance the artist's career in the music industry. With an exceptional in-house record producer, a seasoned in-house recording and mix engineer, a Neve equipped recording facility, our comprehensive approach to music production is unique among studios outside of cities like Nashville and Los Angeles. What's more, our ongoing, turnkey support of artists' long-term career goals is nearly unheard of in the world of music production studios. Edgewater can offer qualified artists major label distribution, outstanding music production, and dedicated, customized artist development plans (including fundraising support, strategic business guidance, and shopping to key industry personnel at record labels, booking agencies, publicity firms, radio promotion, publishing and sync licensing specialists, retail buyers, etc.). Artists must be self-funded and in a position to start production on master recordings within 120 days. All Edgewater master recordings are pre-approved for major label distribution. To submit your project for consideration, please e-mail us at info at or visit our website at Edgewater will not be your cheapest option, but for artists who are a good fit for our program, the production and career support you receive from Edgewater will be second-to-none. We will help you achieve a much greater return on any investment you make in your next music-recording project. Let us show you how we do it!Lead Singers Songwriter/publisher seeks lead singer to record demos. Male or female vocals. Most songs include a scratch vocal, chord chart, and lyric sheet. Some songs include a pre-recorded instrumental track. Pop, rock, and country only. No rap or hip hop. I am an ASCAP songwriter and have received offers for publishing, licensing, and digital distribution deals in many countries around the world. I have also secured radio airplay and publishing or licensing deals for the artists who have recorded my songs. If you are interested, please include a link to your website. Serious inquiries only

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