9/23-9/24: International Scientific Expo on Laser Optics and Photonics (Valencia, Spain)

lugar: Valencia, Spain

Oscine Nest invites you to Stay connected with your network and keep up with the current trends in the industry to develop your brand and knowledge. Your network will share business needs, which often opens doors for gigs. Join the forthcoming International Scientific Expo on Laser Optics and Photonics to open discussions on most innovative, cutting-edge areas of scientific study about the laser, optics and photonics and its applications. Event adopted theme "Exploring the boundless advancements in Laser, Optics and Photonics" to address Subject experts, leading scientists, researchers and scholars about accelerating the possibilities of novel discoveries and enhancement in scientific research, by connecting scientific community for knowledge sharing. Join us to redefine and explore new research, to provide a credible source to barter ideas for scientific studies besides transforming the true outcomes of a distinct scientific discovery and grab the attention for rare emerging technologies.

Conference Date: 23-24 September, 2019
Venue: Valencia, Spain
Abstract Deadline: 01-Sept, 2019
Contact: Mostrar inf contacto
Website: www.oscinegroup.com/conference/ISELOP-2019-8
Register at: https://www.oscinegroup.com/conference/ISELOP-2019-8/register
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Id public: 6931529723


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